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A video showing a Kurdish girl firing a heavy machine gun has gone viral.

The video was posted by the Kurdish YPG, or “People's Protection Unit.” The group is the armed wing of Syrian Kurdistan, and has been the main group on the ground in Syria fighting ISIS.

In the video, a young Kurdish girl, adorned in a pink top, who appears to be no older than 7 or 8, is shown firing the heavy weapon into the desert from atop a ridge. It's unclear in the video if the girl was firing at a target, or if her bullets actually hit anything.

At one point during the conversation she's having with the man behind the camera, the girl holds up four fingers while saying that she has killed “400 Daesh fighters,” according to the posters of the video. “Daesh” is considered a slur by ISIS fighters.

Image credit: Daily Mail UK
Daily Mail UK

As she's firing the weapon, the girl comments that she is “shooting at Daesh” while the man off camera says, “Kill! Kill!”

The Kurds are famous for using female fighters in the fight against ISIS, mostly because ISIS soldiers believe that if they are killed by a woman in battle, then they won't reap “rewards” in the afterlife.

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