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A neighborhood in Livonia, Michigan, is protesting one of its neighbors after the man began hanging Confederate flags and nooses around his properties.

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Robert Tomanovich, the man behind the decor, originally had just one hanging in his yard. But after his neighbors expressed their negative feelings on it, Tomanovich hung another outside his Tree Service Business.

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Mary Greer, who lives next door to his business, explained:

“150 years after Abraham Lincoln's death, we are still going through this kind of atrocities. A hangman's noose and a Confederate flag?”

Greer isn't the only one upset with Tomanovich's decisions. Another neighbor sent around a petition to boycott his business.

A reporter from 7 Action News tried to speak with Tomanovich, but when confronted, Tomanovich walked into his home.

Despite his refusal, employees of Tomanovhich's business spoke with the reporters and, when asked if the nooses offended them, one said:

“No not at all. I love it.”

Tomanovich's wife, Lindy, said his reason for hanging the nooses was not meant to be racist in any way. She explained his reason for hanging the noose:

“Robert has a friend that died in that way (hanging himself), and that's in memory of his friend.”

Tomanovich and his employees have no intentions of taking down the nooses and actually plan on putting more up.

Livonia Police said that this doesn't fall under the category of a hate crime. However, they do hope to come to a mediation between Tomanovich and his neighbors.

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