Parents Who Let Kids Opt Out of Common Core Tests Faced with Dilemma When School Unveils Punishment

| APR 24, 2015 | 8:49 PM
Common core

Across the nation, a movement is gaining steam where students make the decision to opt out of standardized testing associated with the Common Core standards.

According to The Huffington Post:

“This 'opt-out' movement remains scattered but is growing fast in some parts of the country. Some superintendents in New York are reporting that 60 percent or even 70 percent of their students are refusing to sit for the exams. Some lawmakers, sensing a tipping point, are backing the parents and teachers who complain about standardized testing.”

While schools have presented different reactions, officials at Liberty High School in Clarksburg, West Virginia, have made it clear they will not tolerate a student's decision to “opt out” of the testing. There, students who opt out will be suspended.

One parent voiced his concerns over Facebook:

“I just received a phone call from Liberty High School's principal regarding my decision to opt Joshua out of the common core testing next week. I was told that Superintendent Manchin ordered the principals to ”suspend any child" whose parents decide to opt them out of the testing. WHAT should I do?

It was a threat...for sure. I asked under what law is this testing enforced and by what authority can my son be punished. There is none."

Mental Recession reports that the growing uproar against Common Core testing led Harrison County Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin to confirm on the radio that, in fact, disciplinary actions would be taken against any students who chooses to opt out:

“'We simply can not allow them to opt out.'

'If we allow that door to open, where people can unilaterally decide what parts of public education they adhere to and which they don’t, I think we’re creating a system that will be very, very difficult to work with.'

He added, 'Parents don’t have the right to pick and choose the provisions of public education in which they feel they want to comply with.'”

Eric Madia told Mental Recession that he still plans on opting out his son from the testing:

'I am going to instruct my child to not take the test,' Madia said. 'He will not be punished.'”

In a similar instance, parents of students at a Detroit elementary school received a letter scolding their failure to attend a meeting to discuss upcoming standardized testing. Parents were also warned that their failure to attend a make-up meeting would result in their child's suspension.

Machin's full interview with Mike Queen on WAJR can be heard below:

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