U.S. Special Forces Just Took Out A Top ISIS Leader - And Captured His Sex Slavery-Condoning Wife

| MAY 16, 2015 | 7:02 PM

While airstrikes continue to hammer ISIS positions, it turns out that that's not the only thing the jihadists need to worry about.

U.S. Special Forces appear to be doing more than just training 'rebels,' they're now engaging the enemy. And, they just put down a top Islamic State leader: Abu Sayyaf.

USA Today reported further on the operation, which will be hurting the terrorists' bankroll and morale:

U.S. Special Operations forces carried out a major raid deep inside eastern Syria, killing a senior Islamic State leader who oversees illicit oil production and capturing his wife, Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Saturday.

Carter said Abu Sayyaf, also known as Mohammed Shalabi, "was killed during the course of the operation when he engaged U.S. forces.

The Defense secretary described Sayyaf's wife, Umm Sayyaf, as a suspected member of ISIL who played an important role in its terrorist activities “and may have been complicit in what appears to have been the enslavement of a young Yezidi woman rescued last night.”

Social media users reacted to the welcome news, with one commenter putting his drawing skills to use:

While some called it a 'boots on the ground' operation:

Others called it a 'party':

Delta Force Operators were reportedly responsible for the operation.

+1 America, -2 ISIS.

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