George Barris

Marilyn Monroe was and, in some ways, still is one of the greatest international symbols of “America” the country has ever had. These last-ever photographs taken of Marilyn before her death in 1962 are a bittersweet reminder of that.

The eight images, by close friend and photographer George Barris in the summer of 1962—less than a month before her tragic death—are set to go on sale at Bloomsbury Auctions in London on June 4.

Barris, who met Marilyn on the set of 1952's “The Seven Year Itch,” spoke to the Huffington Post about Marilyn and the day of her final photo shoot:

“What I particularly liked about Marilyn was that she didn't act like a movie star. I was most impressed that Marilyn was always polite and friendly to everyone on the set. She was no phony or snob.”

Barris told the Daily News that the image of Marilyn wrapped in a blanket was the last one he ever took, and was the last professional photograph ever taken of her:

“She puckered up and said, 'This is just for you, George,' and blew a kiss to me. That's the last picture I took of her.”

The legendary actress, model, singer, and poet died on August 5th, 1962, at the age of 36.

The photographs are expected to bring £1,000 (about $1,500) each.

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