Ted Cruz Breaks Out JFK Impersonation — And Makes Unexpected Claim About Kennedy's Politics

| JUN 1, 2015 | 2:36 PM

Over the weekend, 2016 Presidential candidate Ted Cruz held a meet-and-greet in Andover, MA.

Cruz opened up his speech by joking that Tom Brady was framed for the deflate-gate scandal, and that he has it on good authority that Hillary Clinton “did it.”

But what really got the crowd's attention was Cruz's impersonation of former president John F. Kennedy, which was picked up  and  over at Buzzfeed:

For comparison:

The complete voiceover:

He also claimed, in the video up top, that JFK would have been a Republican today, because he supported tax cuts.

Incidentally, this weekend was not Cruz's first time dabbling at impersonations. Here's his take on Churchill:

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