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Seattle residents woke up to a big surprise this week.

A number of the city's crosswalks had been redone with a rainbow theme, just in time for this year's 'Pride Week.'

The crosswalks were unveiled by Seattle mayor Ed Murray, who touted them when he spoke to KIRO TV:

“You know, it says something about this neighborhood, it says something about Seattle,” he said. “This is a city of very diverse neighborhoods throughout, with character and obviously an opportunity to celebrate pride nationally.”

However, while people may not be objecting to the crosswalks themselves, the price tag certainly has people raising their eyebrows.

They cost over $6,000 each.

There are 11 throughout the city.

That's $66,000 just for the installation.

Rainbow Crosswalk #seattle #seattlepride2015 #rainbow

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Some are estimating the final price tag, which includes administrative costs, clocked in at around $100,000.

The pricey paint job is expected to last 3-5 years, although city officials have stated they would be spending even more money on permanent upkeep.

This isn't the only recent instance of taxpayer funds being spent on crosswalk paint. It was also reported that the government of Portland, Oregon spent over $8,000 creating their own snazzy looking crosswalks.

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