Muslim Inmates Want the Jail to Make a Special Accommodation for Them...And They're Suing to Get It

| JUN 30, 2015 | 12:02 AM

Inmates at Miami-Dade County jails have been complaining for months that the meals they're receiving behind bars are not halal, and therefore a violation of their constitutional rights.

According to News 10, seventeen Muslim inmates claim jails stopped serving halal meals in October 2014. And despite complaints and protests they're still served non-halal meals, including during this month of Ramadan.

CAIR Florida and the ACLU are assisting the inmates with their complaints. Thania Diaz-Clevenger of CAIR-Florida, said:

"They're conflicted with, 'Should I practice my religion, something I sincerely believe and it's a part of me, or do I starve[?]'

The Miami-Dade County Rehabilitation Department met with both CAIR Florida and the ACLU, and they claim that the meals being served to the inmates are in compliance with halal law:

However, CAIR was informed during this meeting that the department's Imam, who has serviced the Muslim inmate population for several years and has guided us on Muslim-related issues, found the alternative meal currently offered to the Muslim inmates to be in accordance with Muslim principles.

As jail officials already believe the meals they are serving Muslim inmates are halal, there have been no changes during Ramadan, in which believers fast from sunrise to sunset.

Muslims inmates in the United States do have the luxury of a halal meal. But in countries like France, the court has ruled that no halal meals will be served to the prison population.
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