All Sorts of Millennials Give Passionate Explanations of Why They Think Guns are Good

| JUL 5, 2015 | 10:32 PM

The website Counter Cultured asked millennials to submit videos explaining their views on the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership.

IJReview spoke with Gabriella Hoffman, who runs the site with her sister, Anna Maria Hoffman. She said they've done other videos, but this is the first time they asked about the 2nd Amendment:

“We wanted to create video that hasn't been made before—one that shows smart, passionate young people making the case for greater gun rights.”

Image Credit: YouTube

Hoffman told IJReview the issue brings together all kinds of people under the banner of liberty:

“The various responses from our video participants sheds light on how diverse and unifying the Second Amendment is. It naturally brings people together from all walks of life, backgrounds, genders, etc.”

Image Credit: YouTube

And she says there are good reasons why younger people believe they need to protect these rights:

“More Millennials are increasingly becoming pro-gun and pro-Second Amendment. With the presence of sexual assault on campuses, both young men and women want to protect themselves rather than relying on the government or university administrators.”

The U.S. Supreme Court has consistently upheld the right for individuals to bear arms. Also, even more recently, the Missouri Supreme Court upheld a state constitutional amendment expanding gun rights.