Trump's Controversial Remarks Satirized in Los Angeles by Political Street Artist Sabo

| JUL 11, 2015 | 6:27 PM

Numerous political posters were plastered all over Los Angeles, CA, on the eve of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's visit to meet with a group of Hollywood conservatives this week.

Street artist and activist Sabo placed the satirical signs all over the city Thursday night. His art addresses some of the controversial comments that put Trump in the limelight.

The first one reads “Undocumented Democrats Say DUMP TRUMP”:

dumpTrump poster

It can be seen on a 405 Freeway sign:

photo_highway 405

Plastered on a park bench:

sign_bench 1

And at a bus stop:

signs_wall bus stop

Sabo designed this flyer to look like a parking ticket:

ticket pic

Then placed it on car windshields all over the Westside of the city:

TICKET_CAR los angeles

Another poster focused on all things relating to Trump-ire:


The artist placed it on walls and bus stops, as well:


Trump's most recent controversy erupted on Thursday, when he gave his candid opinion on how to deal with ISIS. Responding to a question from Anderson Cooper, he said this:

"I’d bomb the hell out of the oil fields. I'd then get Exxon, I’d then get these great oil companies to go in — they would rebuild them so fast your head will spin … you ever see how fast they put up rigs? These guys are unbelievable.”

Currently, Trump is polling at 7th within the Republican field, with 6.5% share of voter support:

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 9.44.43 PM
Image Credeit: Real Clear Politics Screenshot

Trump continued with his message on immigration while campaigning in L.A., and he also visited with the families of victims of illegal immigration-related violence.