Horror Filmmaker Has a Special Message For Social Justice Activists Who Can't Be 'Inconvenienced'

| JUL 12, 2015 | 8:23 PM
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#SJW is Twitter-speak for Social Justice Warrior. And, apparently, horror director Eli Roth is sick of their symbolic hashtag activism.

His latest movie, “Green Inferno,” sees a crowd of “SJWs” being eaten by cannibals in the jungle. The movie is about a group of activists who intend to go to the Peruvian jungle to do something about the destruction of the rainforest — and things end up going really, really, really bad for them.

In an interview with the L.A. Times, he said this about his motivation for the film:

I wanted to write a movie that was about modern activism. I see that a lot of people want to care and want to help, but in general I feel like people don’t really want to inconvenience their own lives. And I saw a lot of people just reacting to things on social media. These social justice warriors. ‘This is wrong, this is wrong, this is wrong.’ And they’re just tweeting and retweeting.

They’re not actually doing anything. Or you see people get involved in a cause that they don’t really know a lot about and they go crazy about it. I wanted to make a movie about kids like that.

The reporter then asked the direct question: “So 'Green Inferno' is your reaction to the #SJWs of twitter?” and Roth responded with this:

Yeah. I actually wrote it, and when I finished the draft, Kony 2012 happened. I was like, 'This is it.' Everyone is going, ‘What’s wrong with you?’ They’re drinking their mugs going ‘Don’t you care about child soldiers and kids being raped, how can you not tweet this video?’ Everyone got so self righteous and publicly shaming. It was something that they hadn’t heard of 24 hours ago. I think it’s a double edged sword.

I think there are ways to get involved and ways to be helpful. But the SJW culture has gotten so out of control. That you feel that everyone, are they doing it because they believe in it? Or do they just want to look like good people? Are people retweeting things because they think it’s important or because they want everyone to think that they’re a caring person? And I’m not making a judgment on these people either way. I’m just making a comment on it.

The “Green Inferno” will be released this coming September.

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