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It may not be FeBREWary, but summertime is always a HOP-pening time for beer lovers, be it poolside, on the beach, or just catching up with old friends at backyard barbecues.

A map created by Priceonomics and used data to create a comprehensive American beer guide:

The data was collected by polling over 6,000 restaurants and bars across the country to determine which beers are most popular to their customer base.

Below is a chart showing each state's most popular beer:

Expanding the focus, here's a chart which chronicles the most popular beers in the whole country:

Tightening the focus, this chart focuses exclusively on cities:

For those always on the hunt for the best deal, you're also in luck. Here are the cheapest beers:

If your wallet is over-flowing, here are the priciest brews:

For all of the 'beer snobs' out there, here are the cities where you're least likely to find run-of-the mill domestics:

Beer up?

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