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After purchasing a birthday cake for her 6-year-old grandson, a Mesa, Arizona, woman was stunned after noticing something strange about the dessert.

Image credit: YouTube / John Albrecht
YouTube / John Albrecht

As the boy's mother, Jessica Eckerdt, told IJReview:

“I started laughing and said ”I think we bought a satanic dino cake."'

If you can't see it, the area Eckerdt is referring to is the dinosaur's legs, which she says forms the unholy sign of “666.”

Image credit: YouTube / John Albrecht
YouTube / John Albrecht

The cake was bought from a nearby Costco, which reportedly has since removed the design from its online ordering system.

Costco employee Allison Logsdon posted a statement to Facebook regarding the design:

“I work for Costco and was a cake decorator for 5 years. The dinosaur should have a fourth leg and the feet do not curve into a 6. This is just a poor example of their design and is in no way a reflection of the company.”

Eckerdt gave the following response to IJReview:

“A lot of people are saying it's sad...because now kids can't get a dinosaur cake...If they need to blame someone they should blame the decorator...who drew a dinosaur with three legs that look like sixes. My cake looked nothing like it was supposed to.”

Need some more weirdness? Nasdaq reported in November that Costco operates 666 warehouses worldwide, and the Costco where the cake was purchased is located in the Superstition Springs shopping center.

Update [7/20/15, 11:10am EST}: According to The Desk, the author of the Inquisitr piece seems to have played fast and loose with the facts:

The Costco in Mesa? A manager told The Desk by phone they have no records of a customer complaining about a birthday cake.

The online ordering site? Costco doesn’t offer online ordering of birthday cakes in the United States.

Inquisitr freelance writer John Albrecht, Jr. denied that he lied and defended his article:

“I am aware and have known that the US Costcos do not have an online ordering system. They removed the cakes from their Australian stores. The US Costcos require an ordering form."

Raw Story also shared a screen shot of the alleged Mesa mother, Jessica Eckhert's Facebook page [since removed] with a bio showing she's in a relationship with Albrecht.

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