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From the outside, it seems like a charming locket, perfect for remembering someone special.

For the woman who found at a thrift store, that assessment proved to be more accurate that anyone might have guessed.

According to Country Living, the locket was for sale at the White River Junction Listen Thrift Store in Vermont. When one buyer opened it, however, she was surprised to find what appears to be a small capsule of cremated remains.

A short message that accompanied the locket seems to confirm that it was, in fact, a miniature urn.

“May the solid brass urn contained in this locket hold the memories of your loved one keeping them close to your heart and bringing you comfort,” it reads.

The woman who bought the locket returned it to the thrift store, and now the store's staff is trying to locate the person who must have donated it by accident.

They've even posted a picture of the locket on Facebook.

Merilynn Bourne, a long time staff member of the thrift store, says that several people have tried to claim the locket, but the store is holding on to it until they find a way to verify the true owner.

Hopefully, this precious piece of jewelry will find its way back to its rightful owner.

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