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Following the killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, the big game hunting hobby of a presidential candidate's sons is coming under intense scrutiny.

The candidate, Donald Trump, and his sons Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, are being blasted for several exotic hunting trips that they've taken over the years.

Mother Jones reported that images surfaced of the two sons with their trophy kills:

Amid the outrage, photos quickly resurfaced of Donald Trump's sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, posing with the dead bodies of several exotic animals, including an African elephant and leopard, they had previously hunted for sport.

Here a few of the photos from their hunts.

Posing with a leopard:


An elephant tail:

Selfie with this buffalo:


And an oryx:


Reactions on social media were mixed.

Some people attacked Trump's sons:

While others had a different opinion on the matter:

Trump came out and defended his sons in a recent press conference.

The Daily Mail reported on what the 2016 GOP contender said:

The property magnate made his remarks while giving a press conference at his Trump Turnberry golf resort in Ayrshire, Scotland, during the Women's British Open.

But when questioned about photographs of his sons with a dead leopard in relation to the killing of Cecil the lion, Trump simply said his 'sons love to hunt'. He said: 'My sons love to hunt. They are members of the NRA, very proudly. I am a big believer in the Second Amendment.

'But my sons are hunters, Eric is a hunter and I would say he puts it on a par with golf, if not ahead of golf. 'My other son, Don, is a hunter. They're great marksman, great shots, they love it. 'I em, like golf. I don't do that.'

It's important to note that while Walter Palmer carried out his hunt in an illegal manner, big game hunting is legal if certain parameters and laws are followed.

While many people seem up in arms because of the resurfaced photos, the real estate mogul's sons have yet to comment on the matter.

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