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Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal has decided to start saying “Trump” to gain the media's attention to his campaign.

The Louisiana Governor spoke candidly about the current state of each party's 2016 struggles at a town hall event in Marion, Iowa.

In video provided first to IJReview, Jindal, who has been at the helm in Baton Rouge since 2008, joked about his new strategy: Inadvertently shouting Trump's name throughout his speaking engagements, such as “saying 'Donald Trump real fast five times.'”

Jindal added:

“It seems like the best way to get any media attention right now, is to talk about Donald Trump. So what I've decided to do is just kind of randomly throw out his name every several minutes just to get more media attention.”

He then brought up the subject of Democratic candidates, ripping each of the White House seekers, starting with Hillary Clinton, adding that “right now the FBI is looking into her email practices”:

“While the media is obsessed with Republicans trying to fight Republicans who talk about Donald Trump, they seem to be ignoring the soap opera that's happening in the Democratic Party.”

He subsequently described the rest of the Democrats, beginning with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders:

“Their second-place candidate — calls himself a socialist. Bye the way which makes him more honest than the frontrunner.”

After some laughs from the crowd, Jindal criticized the other two Democratic candidates. Joking about former Maryland governor Martin O'Malley and former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee, Jindal said:

Their third place candidate [sic] apologized for saying 'all lives matter' and he blames ISIS on global warming. Their fourth place candidate, his big campaign platform is he wants to put America in the metric system."

After naming the most notable Democratic candidates who have declared their candidacy, Jindal took one last shot at one of the party's most lovable fixtures of the past six years, Vice President Joe Biden:

“I haven't even gotten to Joe Biden yet — and boy, I hope he runs just for pure entertainment.”

The crowd erupted in laughter at the Biden remark, but Jindal insisted that because of the “soap opera” in the Democratic Party, the GOP is actually “doing just fine.”

Jindal appeared in the Fox News “happy hour” debate last Thursday after failing to secure a top spot in the primetime debate, the details of which were hammered out by a combination of standings in major national polls.

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