Toronto woman Chelsea Clark recently got a creepy surprise from a stranger on Facebook after watching Netflix with her boyfriend, reports Good Housekeeping.

The message contained pictures from her boyfriend's laptop webcam of the pair in bed watching the streaming service together. There was only a short message from the hacker, using the name, “Mahmoud Abdo.”

The pair had no idea at the time they were being watched:

“We obviously had no idea it was taking place in the moment, but retroactively it was like a really, really deeply creepy feeling,” the 27-year-old told Newstalk1010. “It was very unnerving. I mean it does feel like there's someone just in your home with you.”

The Facebook message was even more creepy for Clark because her Facebook settings didn't allow contact from strangers. The images in the message show how intimately the couple's privacy was invaded:

Image Credit: Daily Buzz - Yahoo! News Canada
Screenshot/Daily Buzz - Yahoo! News Canada
Image Credit: Screenshot/Daily Buzz - Yahoo! News Canada
Screenshot/Daily Buzz - Yahoo! News Canada

Clark reported the incident to police, Yahoo! News Canada reports. The police seized the computer and are analyzing it for clues. The hacker's Facebook account has been deleted and is believed to have been fake. It's also thought that the hacker knows the couple because of the connection between her Facebook account and the images taken with her boyfriend's hacked laptop.

As reported in November 2014, it is really easy to hack into web cameras. One suggestion is to cover the camera lens on your computer or other device and close the laptop or other covering so you cannot be spied on.

Another safety tip is to change the default web camera password for those and other IP camera devices such as nanny cams, baby monitors, and home security cameras to help reduce the risk of them being easily hacked.

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