She Married a Convicted Rapist and Serial Killer—What She Gave Up to Marry Him Is Beyond Disturbing

| AUG 21, 2015 | 5:27 PM

Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. has been on Death Row for the past 19 years, after being convicted of stabbing 3 different women and disposing of their bodies in 1986 in Tampa, Florida.

However, one woman, Rosalie Martinez, has stood by him in matrimony throughout Bolin's time behind bars.

The kicker? She kindled a romance with him after he was accused of rape and serial murder.

In fact, she was the public defender during his 1996 trial, and married him soon after his conviction.

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The L.A. Times reported on the very first meeting between the two, as described by Martinez:

Face to face, Martinez nervously introduced herself, then told Bolin: “I am your angel. I want to save your life.”


"I felt an affinity for Mr. Bolin. He was in a 9-by-12-foot cell, with just a bed, desk and toilet. I felt his isolation, his confinement, his loneliness.

It affected me. Because I felt the same way. And it left me breathless."

After that initial meeting, Martinez altered her entire life to be with Bolin, divorcing her then-husband and giving up custody of her four daughters.

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She is adamant about Bolin's innocence:

“I never, never, ever thought for a second that he was guilty of those three murders.”

Martinez and Bolin have never lived together, or consummated their marriage, but she holds onto the letters the two have shared throughout their years married:

"I couldn't bear to throw any of the (letters) away.

I think the art of love making is probably in those cards."

Martinez recently spoke with ABC's 20/20 for a special that airs this Friday night about the love and loyalty that has endured between the two for nearly two decades.

Bolin has two upcoming hearings regarding his trial. He still strongly advocates for his own innocence, though still to this day cannot attest to his whereabouts on the night of the murders.

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