Huckabee Wants to Know Why Kim Davis is In Jail While Hillary Clinton is Free to Run for President

| SEP 3, 2015 | 8:15 PM
Huckabee Meets With Voters On Day Of NH Primary

Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Two presidential candidates are butting heads over same-sex marriage, and it's not pretty.

Hillary Clinton sent out this tweet following the arrest of Kim Davis, a Kentucky county clerk who refused to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples:

Mike Huckabee had a fiery response:

Huckabee then promised to fight back against the “criminalization of Christianity”:

Davis' story caught fire nationwide, when a gay couple posted a video of themselves attempting to get a marriage license in her office:

Following the confrontation, the couple returned to the office, and this argument ensued:

Earlier this week, Huckabee questioned if Davis' actions were even illegal.

According to Public Policy Polling, Clinton leads with potential Democratic voters, while Huckabee's numbers are struggling among Republicans.