Republican Candidates Take Part In Debates At Reagan Library In Simi Valley
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Carly Fiorina handily won Wednesday's GOP presidential debate, according to a poll conducted by Google Consumer Surveys for Independent Journal.

The former Hewlett-Packard CEO garnered 30.3% support in the poll, followed by Donald Trump at 22.6% and Ben Carson at 11.6%.

carly amongst everyone

Among men, Trump held his own with Fiorina:

trump with men

But Fiorina dominated among women:

carly with women fixed 2

Fiorina led the rest of the field in every age demographic and led the field among urban and suburban voters. Trump was the top polling candidate among rural voters. With the exception of the $75-99K bracket, Fiorina also led among all levels of income measured by the poll. (For more data, the Google Consumer Surveys link is publicly available, here.)

So how did Fiorina do it?

Among the highlights from the evening was her powerful answer on Planned Parenthood, a willingness to butt into conversations with sharp answers and an ability to speak personally with the audience.

The most important part: Where other candidates have tried and failed, she took Trump head-on, and succeeded:

It didn't take long during the debate for people to perk up their ears about Fiorina:

And last night, a Google Consumer Surveys flash poll comparing Fiorina to Trump showed Carly on top.

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