Ivy League Profs Finally Admit Why They Don't Hire Republicans. And the Reason's Pretty Insulting.

| OCT 20, 2015 | 12:20 AM

Some Cornell University professors are on record as saying things that might get anyone else working in a private company sued, fired — or at least a visit from H.R.

Fox and Friends” reports that a recent Cornell student newspaper article exposed that the University's professors don't think much of the intellectual capabilities of Republicans.

Professor Kenneth McClane, who gave $23,500 to the 2012 Obama campaign, told the Cornell Sun that Republicans dumb down the intellectual atmosphere on campus:

"It is not surprising that faculty at Cornell find the anti-scientific rhetoric of many in the Republican Party to be troublesome,” Professor Kenneth McClane, English, said. “Many of us here are scientists — we believe in global warming, since we believe what the research tells us.”

Government professor Andrew Little agreed, telling the campus paper that, in his opinion, diversity of thought is not something universities are required to provide because more conservative thinkers would lower the quality of education:

“Placing more emphasis on diversity of political beliefs when hiring [would] almost certainly require sacrificing on general quality or other dimensions of diversity.”

And a third professor agreed that the University isn't required to provide intellectual diversity for its students. That, Professor Richard Bensel claimed, is the student's job:

“Our job is not to mold the minds of young students — they’ll go out into the world and do that for themselves,” Professor Richard Bensel, government, stated. “Cornell does not have to be a banquet that offers every viewpoint.”

Campus Reform's Abigail Alger told Fox News that this prejudiced mindset is pervasive on campuses across the country:

“When you off-handedly dismiss conservative students as being unintelligent, uninformed or simply wrong in their views, you shut that down,” Alger said. “And that's the opposite of what we want to see in higher education.”

The Cornell Sun reports that 96% of Cornell professors gave their money to Democrat Barack Obama during the 2012 election, with Republican Mitt Romney getting 4% of the leftovers:

Image credit: The Cornell Daily Sun
The Cornell Daily Sun

Professor Emeritus at Harvard Law, Alan Dershowitz, told the Philadelphia Inquirer recently that “liberals make a terrible mistake, including some of my friends and colleagues, of thinking that all conservatives are dumb.”

Cornell's Bensel says there are also specific conservatives who shouldn't be allowed to teach at the university level:

“I think many mainstream Republicans have views that are anti-intellectual and anti-science,” he said. “There are candidates who are creationists, don’t believe in climate change and claim that Obama’s a Muslim. Ted Cruz, for example, should not teach here.”

Cruz, who has argued and won nine cases before the U.S. Supreme Court,  and was called, “off the charts brilliant,” by his former Harvard Law professor Dershowitz, would be, by these professors' standards, unfit to teach at Cornell Univeristy.

That means that famed brain surgeon Ben Carson would also not be welcomed into the University's fold.

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