After Benghazi Attack, New Docs Show One of White House's First Moves Was to Contact... 'YouTube'?

| OCT 21, 2015 | 10:44 PM

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Another bombshell email released about the Benghazi attack on 9/11/2012 shows the White House was eager to find a video to blame even as the terrorist attack raged on.

President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton says the email confirms that the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton's State Department were conjuring a cover story to blame another video as the attack was underway:

“These documents show the Obama White House rushed to tie yet another video to the Benghazi attack, even before Ambassador Stevens was accounted for. The Obama White House, evidently, was confused as to which Internet video to falsely blame for the Benghazi terrorist attack."

Fitton claims that instead of getting help to people in the fight, the Obama Administration was looking for a video to blame for the attack:

"These documents show that the Obama White House should have been focused on rescuing our people under fire. These documents detail delays and lack of support that raise questions about whether American lives were needlessly lost and put at risk during the Benghazi attack.”

Note the time on the email:

Image Credit: Judicial Watch
Judicial Watch

While most of the email is redacted, you can see that the White House began to build a story, which included “advice ramification [sic]” from YouTube:

"Sent: September 11, 2012 9:11 PM

... White House is reaching out to U-Tube to advice ramifications of the post of the Pastor Jon video [sic]"

9:11 p.m.

The video initially singled out as being responsible for the attack was a sermon about the differences between Islam and Christianity by “Pastor Jon,” an Oregon preacher.

The Obama Administration eventually settled on blaming a bizarre video of a trailer for an anti-Muslim movie instead.

Fitton says this is telling:

"The documents detail that only three hours after the initial attack on U.S. personnel in Benghazi, the White House contacted YouTube in an apparent effort to initially blame the assault on an obscure 'Pastor John video,' rather than filmmaker Nakoula 'Mark' Basseley Nakoula.

The administration falsely claimed that Nakoula’s video, 'Innocence of Muslims,' provoked the attack. The email also references the involvement of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Judicial Watch, through separate litigation, previously uncovered documents that show Obama White House officials set Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi response)."

Fitton says other documents referring to “a previously Secret 'Attack Timeline'” show there was no discussion of any “spontaneous demonstration” or video being responsible for the attack.

Image Credit: State Department/Judicial Watch
State Department/Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch received the documents by court order when the State Department refused to turn over documents following Freedom of Information Act requests. One specific document marked “Causes and Responsibility" of the Benghazi attack was completely blacked out.

Mrs. Clinton, who is running for president, will testify before the House Select Committee on Benghazi Thursday.

Ambassador Chris Stevens, communications aide Sean Smith, and private contractors Ty Woods and Glen Doherty, both retired Navy SEALs, died in the attack. Several others were wounded and injured.

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