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kate steinle

Texas governor Greg Abbott invoked the memory of murder victim Kate Steinle to lay down the law with the Dallas sheriff who's announced an illegal alien 'sanctuary city' policy.

Abbott sent a letter to Sheriff Lupe Valdez, saying it was “unacceptable for a Texas Sheriff” to ignore Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) requests to detain criminal aliens:

"'Sanctuary City' policies like those promoted by your recent decision to implement your own case-by-case immigration detention plan will no longer be tolerated in Texas.

Kate Steinle was brutally murdered last summer in San Francisco by an undocumented immigrant who was released by a local sheriff who refused to honor ICE's detainer request. Texas Gov Will Go Nuclear Against 'Unacceptable' & 'Dangerous' Sanctuary City Policies. path by departing from the strictest ICE standards."

The Dallas Morning News reports that the sheriff, who is running for reelection, refuses to hold nonviolent offenders for immigration officers:

“Valdez recently changed policies on holding immigrants in the Dallas County jail for federal immigration officials once the person is past his or her release date. People who committed minor offenses won’t be held for up to an additional 48 hours for agents of U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement.”

Abbott said that's the same policy used by the San Franciso Sheriff who ignored federal law and released the man accused of killing Steinle. But the Dallas sheriff says illegal aliens are just coming to the U.S. for “a better way of life”:

Contrastingly, Abbott said the sheriff's plans put Texans' better way of life at risk:

"Your refusal to fully participate in a federal law enforcement program intended to keep dangerous criminals off the streets leave the State no choice but to take whatever actions are necessary to protect our fellow Texans.

And then he threatened to hit her and any other city or county official where it hurts - the budget:

“Texas must also evaluate the extent to which local taxpayers should foot the bill for local decisions that increase costs of our health and education systems.”

He also threatened to pass a bill to remove counties' limited liability to make them fully on the hook for any and all legal awards arising from their sanctuary city policies.

You can read Abbott's full letter, below:

Sheriff Valdez told the Dallas Morning News that she would only let illegal aliens get off if they're wanted for nonviolent crimes.

Kate Steinle's accused murderer had been convicted seven times for 'nonviolent' offenses. He'd been deported five times.

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