Chris Matthews Just Compared Trump to Reagan and JFK. And He Just Might Be Right

| OCT 28, 2015 | 2:03 AM
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Is Donald Trump the best television candidate for President since Ronald Reagan or John F. Kennedy? MSNBC's Chris Matthews sure thinks so. Concluding Monday night's “Hardball,” that is exactly what he said.

Matthews asked a question and then answered it:

"How in the world did we get from Walker, and Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Joe Biden and all the rest, to this?

The answer is Donald Trump showed himself the best television candidate since Ronald Reagan and Jack Kennedy before him. Attack Trump and it looks like sour grapes.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has shown herself to be all-pro on defense. Attack her and you're a dead man. It could be quite a general [election], if this thing keeps up. Hillary versus Donald Trump?"

One other thing to note and that is Matthews completely dismissed Dr. Ben Carson, saying he's merely an “Iowa candidate,” like Mike Huckabee or Rick Santorum.

Perhaps Matthews, in his excitement over Trump's campaign, has missed the latest polling. Carson slightly trails Trump, generating more than twice the support of the third-place candidate, Marco Rubio.