When GOP Voters are Asked Who They Want to Drop Out of 2016 Race, There is a Shocking #1 Answer

| OCT 29, 2015 | 10:46 PM
<> on October 28, 2015 in Boulder, Colorado.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Jeb Bush is the candidate that likely Republican voters who watched the CNBC debate most want to exit the presidential race, followed by Rand Paul and Donald Trump, according to a poll using data from Google Consumer Surveys conducted for IJ.com.

The former Florida Governor garnered 23.7% of the results on the question:

Which GOP presidential candidate do you most want to drop out of the race?

Bush was closely trailed by Sen. Paul at 20.5%, with Donald Trump rounding out the top three at 16.8%.

drop out of the race 3

As you can see in the chart above reflecting the results of the survey, Bush is the candidate most wanted to drop out by both genders. An interesting sidenote is that with women, Trump moves to the second position among candidates they want to drop out, with Paul moving to third.

The post-debate survey was conducted nationwide among 1,300 likely Republican primary voters who watched the CNBC debate.