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A British man who says he's been out of work for two years still has food and enough money to spend at the casinos due to his welfare benefits. But instead of thanking the taxpayers who fund his no-work lifestyle, he actually has a different take on the matter.

Daniel Shaw says he received a huge “same day” benefit and, instead of saving it to spread out “over a fortnight,” he blew it at a casino.

Image Credit: Screenshot/Manchester Evening News
Screenshot/Manchester Evening News

It's a metaphor for his life on the dole:

“I lost $633 which was to last me a fortnight. The government gave me all my money on the same day and I have gambled it away...”

The real-life Pajama Boy told British TV's Channel 5 that he's done the math and that it makes more sense for him to while away his hours rolling his homemade smokes and playing on his smart phone than to get a job:

“I want a job but it makes me think ‘why?’ when I am on more money from benefits."

Image Credit: Screenshot/Manchester Evening News
Screenshot/Manchester Evening News

As he told The Manchester Evening News:

“As it stands I am earning more now than someone on minimum wage in a shop."

He concludes that it's the government's fault he hasn't bothered looking for a job:

"It is them to blame. It’s the government’s fault, they are basically making me pick the easy way because they are giving me so much money, it’s ridiculous.”

People who reacted to the “Benefits” documentary, which featured Shaw, wonder how he received as much as he did and how he managed to get 'food bank' vouchers after gambling away his money.

A person identified as TimKane says Shaw's attitude is the problem:

“What worries me is the attitude of entitlement. He thinks he deserves all what he receives. Also its people like him that are causing the use of food banks to swell. For every deserving person that uses them, there must be 2 or 3 like him that would rather spend their money on cigs and booze instead of buying food.”

The Daily Mirror reports that the 24-year-old man does have a bit of a conscience about being an able bodied man on welfare:

“I don’t want to be known as a lazy benefits scrounger but they are dishing all these benefits out left, right and centre and so I am going to take it.”

At the end of the documentary they reveal that Shaw now has a job. But it isn't revealed whether the job pays more than welfare benefits.

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