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Just about everyone knows about parking spots that are reserved for handicapped citizens. However, have you ever come across a parking space that's been painted purple?

These spots also serve an extremely important purpose. They are reserved for veterans who've been wounded in combat.

The color purple, in this case, is a direct reference to The Purple Heart, a medal given to our wounded warriors.

The Wounded Warriors Family Support organization is behind these parking spaces and each one also comes with a sign, just to make the message clearer.

So far, the project has only caught on in Ohio. But, with it being such a great cause, one would imagine these parking spaces will begin popping up in other states.

Herman Breuer, the director of the Trumbull County Veteran Services Network spoke to WKBN about the genesis of the project:

"For the city to recognize veterans by putting out a parking spot for the combat wounded, you know, combat wounded, they should hold a special place in everyone’s heart.

They spilled blood for our country."

Kenneth Lewis, state commander for the Military Order of the Purple Heart in Ohio, noted that the parking spaces will soon be seen at many more government buildings:

“They’d be proud to park here,” he said. ”Fills your heart up."

There are approximately 1.8 million Purple Heart medals awarded since its inception in 1932.

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