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Paris V. Mizzou

[Editor's Note: Strong Language]

During the course of the mass-casualty terror attack in Paris Friday night, some on Twitter used the occasion to compare what was happening overseas with what's been happening at the University of Missouri.

Some made direct comparisons between the two situations:

Mizzou tweet 23

Mizzou tweet 1

Some castigated those who are more distraught by the Paris tragedy than by what's happening at Mizzou:

Mizzou tweet 4

Mizzou tweet 16

It should be noted that Student Body President Payton Head retracted his statement about the KKK on the University of Missouri campus, saying:

“I'm sorry about the misinformation that I have shared through social media...I received and shared information from multiple incorrect sources, which I deeply regret.”

CNN also reports that a police investigation showed the allegations of a KKK presence to be false.

Mizzou tweet 5

Mizzou tweet 11

Some came right out and blasted the media for covering Paris more than the #Mizzou protests:

Mizzou tweet 19

Mizzou tweet 9

Mizzou tweet 14

Mizzou tweet 7

Others went directly after President Obama:

Mizzou tweet 18

Mizzou tweet 16

While protests are ongoing on the University of Missouri campus, reports put the total number of casualties in Paris at 127 and counting.

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