I Ate Chick-fil-A for 30 Days Straight and Here's What it Did to My Body...

| DEC 17, 2015 | 7:40 PM

Morgan Spurlock's infamous 2004 exposé “Supersize Me” revealed what fast food does to the body by documenting him eating nothing but McDonald's for 30 straight days.

The moral of that story? Fast Food Bad.

But I love fast food, at least sometimes. So do my editors. We'd already chronicled “What Happens to Your Body One Hour After You Eat Chick-fil-A.” We wanted to go further.

My name is Conor Swanberg, I am a reporter for the Independent Journal, and I ate Chick-fil-A once a day for 30 days straight.

Did it ruin my life? Well, you be the judge.

This is what I looked like before, just for reference:

Total babe, I know.

Day 1: Here we go...

Chick-fil-A's wide variety of sauces helped make every meal unique, but I usually jumped between their ranch and Polynesian sauces.

Day 7: Hitting my stride

Feeling very little to no ill effects from daily Chick-fil-A consumption.

Day 13: Going strong

Still feeling fine. I also got a shout-out:

Day 23: The Day of Giving Thanks

The hardest day was Thanksgiving. While the rest of my family shared the meal my dad lovingly slaved over for hours, I scarfed down my sandwich and fries. (No regrets.)

Every Saturday I bought food for Sunday since, as most Chick-fil-A lovers know, they are closed on the Lord's day. This wasn't a big deal. I just put the fries and chicken in the oven to make them nice and crispy again.

One thing I did not realize was that my last day fell during a previously planned trip to Puerto Rico.

I had to pack my bag full of chicken the morning of my flight.

Image Credit: Conor Swanberg/Independent Journal Staff

It survived the journey.

Day 30: Puerto Rico

That final bite of my crispy chicken sandwich was every bit as delicious as the first.

The grand total:

  • 72 chicken nuggets
  • 22 orders of fries
  • 16 chicken tenders
  • 12 spicy chicken sandwiches
  • 12 lemonades
  • 9 unsweetened teas
  • 8 sweet teas
  • 4 regular chicken sandwiches
  • 3 tortilla soups
  • 2 chicken biscuits
  • 1 Chicken, egg, and cheese bagel
  • 1 salad (lame)
  • 1 Oreo shake

Calories: 22350 

Image Credit: Conor Swanberg/Independent Journal Staff

Starting weight: 189

End weight: 191

Image Credit: Conor Swanberg/Independent Journal Staff

Eat mor chikin.