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Actor Adam Baldwin recently got a nasty surprise when he tried to access his Twitter account:

If that's a little hard to see, here's a close-up [zoomable] look...


What had he tweeted that was found so offensive? This little bit of #GamerGate humor:

GamerGate is, according to Vox:

Like all hashtags, #Gamergate has come to mean about 500 different things to thousands of different people. But at its heart, it's about two topics:

1) The treatment of women in gaming: The start of the story...came in late August after indie game developer Zoe Quinn and gaming critic Anita Sarkeesian were both horribly harassed online. The same harassment was later lobbed at award-winning games journalist Jenn Frank and fellow writer Mattie Brice. Both Frank and Brice say they will no longer write about games. The FBI is looking into harassment of game developers.

2) Ethics in games journalism: The Gamergaters argue that the focus on harassment distracts from the real issue, which is that indie game developers and the online gaming press have gotten too cozy. There's also a substantial, vocal movement that believes the generally left-leaning online gaming press focuses too much on feminism and the role of women in the industry, to the detriment of coverage of games.

Baldwin, known for his conservative and sometimes controversial views, has been very outspoken on the GamerGate controversy and even started the hashtag for it:

His account was reinstated by Twitter, but with no good explanation for why it was locked out to begin with:

Some found it to be a little ironic:

And what did Baldwin have to say about it? Independent Journal reached out to him and got this response:

"It has been my understanding that Verified accounts are extended leeway.

I suspect that a Twitter manager (or insider) took personal interest in that silly #GamerGate tweet because of some personal relationship with one or more of the 'less attractive/joyous' pictured.

The irony is that the lockout unwittingly proved the point of the tweet.

Thanks 'Streisand Effect'."

He also retweeted this video from his pal and fellow actor, Nick Searcy:

Twitter's Terms of Service (TOS) agreement states users are solely responsible for their content and may be exposed to content that is “offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate.”

In the Twitter Rules, which is deemed part of the TOS, targeted abuse and threats are both disallowed; however, Baldwin's tweet does not meet their defined criteria for either.

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