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Pop singer Cher has not remained quiet regarding her disdain for Republican candidate Donald Trump.

This time, however, she may have gone too far.

Cher took to Twitter to denounce Trump for bringing up Bill Clinton's marital indiscretions and how it relates to Hillary Clinton's campaign.

She said that he has no right to discuss the topic—and she brought up Trump's ex-wives to prove it:

Here is what the tweet says:

“Trump can't throw one stone at President Clinton, regarding cheating.”

“Trump humiliated both his wives in headlines for weeks, because of his cheating!!”

Donald Trump did, in fact, cheat on his wife Ivana Trump with model Marla Maples, whom he later married.


As a matter of fact, Trump recently told reporters that bringing up the episode would be “fair game” for his rivals.

Meanwhile, Cher has made a habit out of lashing out at The Donald on Twitter:

Donald Trump has yet to respond to Cher's latest tweet.

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