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Donald Trump was joined in Winterset, Iowa, on Tuesday by a woman whose famous father was born there. Marion Mitchell Morrison, known to most as “John Wayne,” was a life-long Republican who once famously endorsed fellow actor Ronald Reagan.

His daughter Aissa, took the podium ahead of Trump, and made the following statement:

"Welcome to the John Wayne birthplace. Now, this is the place in Iowa where legends are made.

Now we have somebody that I want to welcome personally here to the birthplace of John Wayne, and that is Mr. Donald Trump. Hopefully, for America, he will be the next president of the United States.

The reason I am here to support Mr. Trump is because America needs help. We need a strong leader and we need someone like Mr. Trump with leadership qualities, someone with courage, someone that’s strong like John Wayne.

And I’ll tell you what, if John Wayne were still here, he’d be standing right here instead of me. So with that, I just want you to welcome Mr. Donald Trump."

Trump, who said he would always remember the one time he had the opportunity to meet the film icon, went on to claim an endorsement from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin later that same day.

John Wayne's views on liberals are perhaps not much different than those currently espoused by Donald Trump:

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