There are plenty of articles out there about how men typically make more money than women. In fact, the Department of Labor recently reported that women who work full time actually make 78 percent of what men earn.

But did you know there are some jobs where females actually make more than their male counterparts?

Here are just a few jobs where being a lady might literally pay off:

  1. Chief Financial Officer

    According to an Associated Press report last month, women who are CFOs at S&P 500 companies are out-earning their male counterparts. The median pay for a female CFO is about $3.3 million, whereas males working the same job make around $3.2 million a year.

  2. Producers and Directors

    The U.S. Census Bureau found that female directors made nearly $4,000 more than men — with a median income of over $66,200, while men made close to $62,400 a year.

  3. Bakers

    Surprisingly, men comprise 53 percent of the workforce among bakers, according to Forbes. But women actually still make slightly more than men do. Female bakers take home about $466 each week, compared to male bakers' $448 weekly salary.

  4. Transportation Security Screeners

    Women make about $1,000 more a year than their male counterparts in the field of transportation security. As the U.S. Census Bureau reports, the average income for females is $41,751, while men make $40,732 a year.

  5. Wholesale and Retail Buyers

    Much like transportation security screeners, women in this field make just over $1,000 more than men working the same job. While this excludes the selling of farm products, females who buy for wholesale and retail buyers earn $42,990 each year, and men make $41,619 working the same job.

  6. Auditors

    As of 2013, CNBC reports female auditors had an average salary of $61,114, almost 14 percent more than male auditors.'s senior vice president, Allyson Willoughby, says women in finance tend to negotiate for higher salaries, which could be a reason for the wage gap.

  7. Special Education Teachers

    Female teachers specializing in special education earn roughly $500 more than males in their field. As Business Insider reports, women make $47,378 each year, while men earn just $46,932.

  8. Oncologists

    According to, women who were oncologists had a near-10 percent increase in their annual pay compared to men. The median salary for female oncologists is about $226,000.

  9. Computer Support Specialists

    Women typically earn 106.1 percent more than men do in the field of Information Technology. Huffington Post reports that female computer support specialists make an average $951 a week, while men earn $896.

  10. Detectives 

    Among detectives, females make $67,500 each year, which CNBC claims is nearly 22 percent more then male detectives.

As Pew Research reports, in the 1980s women would have to work about about 90 days - into the beginning of May - just to catch up to what men made the year before.

Since then, the wage gap - how much women make for every dollar a man makes - has narrowed by 20 cents.

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