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Rapper and actor Ice Cube spoke out about the “Oscars so White” controversy surrounding this year's Academy Awards while on Graham Norton's talk show in Britain.

As reported by Mediaite, Norton congratulated Ice Cube on Straight Outta Compton's nomination for Best Original Screenplay, and then went on to ask if Ice Cube was boycotting the Oscars.

“You can't boycott something that you never went to anyway. That's kinda weird.”

He went on to explain that he doesn't make movies for the industry:

“We don't do movies for the industry, we do movies for the fans, for the people...The industry... if they give you a trophy or a nod or pat you on the back, it's nice but it's not something that you should dwell on.”

Ice Cube said that they received praise from so many people for the film that any complaining would be “ridiculous.”

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