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A sailor got a big shock when he asked for a military discount at a fast food restaurant and instead got a lecture from the next person in line about his displaced sense of 'entitlement.'

Aaron Lesseski, a submariner stationed on the East Coast, told Independent Journal Review that he was so taken aback that he posted about the incident on his Facebook page. But it's his calm response to the angry woman that is epic:


He wrote:

"Me: Do you offer military discount?

Cashier: No sir we don't.

Lady in line behind me: Rude...

*Cashier and I stare blankly at her*

Lady: All of you think you're entitled because you're in the military and deserve special privileges. My God...

Me: No ma'am. It's a discount not a privilege. A privilege is being able to go home to your family every night while living in a free country because some people willingly give up their “privileges” so people like you can have them.

Lady: ..............

Me: *Turns to cashier*

Sorry if asking for a discount offended YOU.

Man at back of line: Here's your military discount.

*pays for my meal*

Man's Wife: You deserve it... for having to put up with [EXPLITIVE]'s like her. [sic]

Honestly? Made my night...

Feel free to share!

The sailor told Independent Journal Review he wasn't in uniform, and since there wasn't a discount, he just wrote it off, but then the woman decided to chew him out.

Lesseski said that he's been in the Navy for a little more than a year as a logistics specialist, but this is the second time in that short time span that he's been targeted by an angry civilian:

“When I was stationed in Charleston, SC a lady called me and some of my shipmates 'murderers' and 'hypocrites' because we 'unnecessarily' kill others for the defense of our own.”

He said the lady may not like what he does, but her reaction was rude:

Image Credit: Aaron Lesseski
Aaron Lesseski

He says it's simply a matter of respect.

“I believe everyone who serves HONORABLY in any branch of the military — Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard —Active, Reserve, Full Time Support — every single one of them deserve the utmost respect and appreciation, whether they served during wartime or not. I come from 2 previous generations of military service. My father and grandfather were both Soldiers (Army), my grandfather a Tank Commander during the Korean War, and my dad an OV-1 Mohawk Mechanic during the Cold war, while I chose a different path in the Navy as a Submarine Logistics Specialist (LSS) during this global war on terrorism.”

Then he had a message for people who agree with the cranky woman:

“[I]f anyone says that what we do is unimportant, or we just do it to receive benefits then they're wrong. Who would give up being with their family or being away from the ones we love or constantly uprooting our families to move around just for a 10% discount a Buffalo Wild Wings? I sure wouldn't. Regardless of what some woman in line has to say, I'm proud of what I do and I'm going to do it to the best of my ability.”

In the end, a couple bought the sailor's food and the lady got a lecture of her own about “privilege” and “entitlement.”

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