Donald Trump has attracted some pretty eye-popping crowds during his presidential campaign, so his fans could be forgiven for thinking that he'll always fill up the arena.

And if you were just following Trump on Twitter, you'd think the image below, from a rally in Little Rock, Arkansas, told the whole story:

Just one problem: David Martosko, a political reporter who was covering the event, tweeted out the following photos challenging Trump's claim:

He even sent out “the most charitable photo” he could find:

At The Daily Mail, Martosko noted:

But the Barton Arena has just 7,150 seats, according to the fair's website, and room for another 3,045 in floor seating, for a total of 10,195.

While Trump's fans were standing, not sitting, the floor was less than one-half full and some sections of seats remained mostly empty – suggesting the crowd was perhaps half of what was announced from the stage.

He also posted video from the event:

It wasn't just The Daily Mail challenging Trump's claim.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, a local paper, wrote:

Barton Coliseum officials said the venue was at capacity. The State Fair's website listed the capacity as 10,195, including standing room on the floor, but several risers were empty, and crowds didn't form on either side of the floor. There appeared to be more than 6,000 people in attendance, based on estimates by reporters.

So was Trump misled about the crowd size of the event, or was something else going on here?

Either way, it will be interesting to see if events like this keep happening as The Trump train keeps rolling through America.

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