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Dramatic weight loss can be accompanied by a whole series of changes— not just in wardrobe or self-confidence, but also lifestyle, interests, and more.

As Angela Crickmore discovered, it can also dramatically affect your relationships. Including your marriage.

According to the Daily Mail, Crickmore, a 36-year-old from London, was under no illusions as to how she had gained the weight in the first place. Her twenties were generally sedentary, composed mostly of working, cooking, and watching television.

Though she had been thin as a teenager, the pounds began to add up and the petite five-foot-one mom weighed about 180 pounds at her heaviest.

Being overweight didn’t make her feel unattractive, but it did make her feel insecure.

“I felt beautiful. My husband thought I was beautiful. But the outside pressure from friends and family made me very self-conscious,” she explained.

Still, it wasn’t until a friend lost twenty pounds that Crickmore felt inspired to do something about her weight. Having tried and failed with other diets, she did some research and found a diet that required her to eat every three hours. Despite her doubts about the concept of losing weight by eating more frequently, she decided to try it.

Sure enough, the diet began to work. As she started to drop weight, she began exercising as well.

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At first, Crickmore says she felt too self-conscious to go to the gym, but would go to the local park and walk while her husband waited in the car.

“I wanted to jog, but because I was so fat I had to walk first. I walked every, day rain or shine, for an hour, and then jog as I became lighter,” she remembers.

After losing more weight, she was ready to join a gym. With her continued dieting and exercising, the weight kept falling away, at the rate of about nine pounds a month. She eventually managed to drop about 70 pounds and went from a (UK) size 18 to a size 6.

But this was also when the problems began to surface. While Crickmore was excited about her new lifestyle, her husband and son didn’t share her enthusiasm.

In order to protect herself from falling into old habits, Crickmore says she stopped cooking for her son and husband and made them take care of their own meals.

And sadly, Crickmore’s husband didn’t share her new priorities.

“The new me felt great, active and wanting more out of life,” she says. “I wanted to hike, camp, travel, meet people. I became so active that I even stopped watching TV.”

Her new lifestyle helped drive a wedge into their relationship. Eventually, the couple decided to separate after nine years of marriage.

Though her marriage ended, Crickmore says she has no regrets about her decision to change her life.

What’s more, having just obtained a degree in sports nutrition, she hopes to become a fitness coach, helping others accomplish what she did.

“I want to help people,” she says. “It makes me feel good.”

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