Ex-Soldier Gets Tattoo Honoring Service Dog—And There's a Little Something Extra Sprinkled in Ink

| FEB 5, 2016 | 8:03 PM

Sergeant Dave Heyhoe served in Afghanistan and saw heavy fire.

Throughout everything, he had his trusty service dog at his side, a black labrador named Treo.

When he retired from the British military, Heyhoe took the dog with him, raising the decorated canine as a pet.

Now, at age 14, Treo has passed on.

Sergeant Dave Heyhoe got a tattoo to commemorate the life and service of his dearly departed pup.

Interestingly, the tattoo was partially made with Treo's ashes.

Here's a closer look:

The tattoo's words will make any pet owner choke up:

“I will lay down my life for you and expect nothing but love in return.”

“I protect my dad with my life, and would gladly take a bullet in his place.”

“I am the nose and ears of my dad. I would die for him and for you.”

Heyhoe spoke to Daily Mail about the importance of his tattoo.

He said it boils down to remembrance:

"The tattoo completes me.

"People might think it's strange, but Treo was like a son to me. Over the years we have seen gunfire, death and bomb scares together.

“I've been lost without him. Now it feels like Treo is by my side - where he's supposed to be.”

He also noted that his wife and children were close to Treo.

The tattoo is also for them:

“My family and the kids were so close with Treo, so it's nice for them to look at the tattoo, too.”

Treo's speciality in Afghanistan was bomb detection, and he was known for locating explosives set by the Taliban in Helmand Province.