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A cornerstone of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders's campaign is “free college tuition” for all. At least one college student in the country thinks it's a bad idea — and she wants you to know why:

Nothing worth having comes easy.

Jordan Morgan, a 20-year-old student, wife and mother, also understands this reality:

When you get down to it... is anything actually free?

Writing for Odyssey, she said the concept of  “free” anything holds great implications. Here are excerpts from her article:

Something that has weighed heavily on my mind is the fact that most millennials are hoping, and voting, for free college tuition. What does free college tuition actually do for society as a whole, and not just for the individual?

It may make a student debt free, but free tuition as a whole could “cost the United States $70 billion per year”, according to Fox News. If you aren't paying for your classes, then who is? Where is that $70 billion coming from? Taxpayers.

She's concerned about the impact on the value of a college degree:

If college becomes free, that means more people going to college. [...] If more people go to college, the value of a college degree will decrease. [...] What will the value of a degree be when even more people have it? It is simply the law of supply and demand.

Students would get a free bachelor's degree, but in order to set themselves apart, they would need to continue on with graduate school. [...] How would free college help the societal issue we are already facing of students graduating only to discover they have to do more school?

She also thinks it would influence how hard students work:

College is hard work. You work hard in college because it is important to you. You work hard because it isn't free. If college were free, students would become nonchalant about their work and their grades. [...]

I mean, when you break those cheap sunglasses, you don't stress because you can just go get some other ones.

Jordan says free college would impact both employees and employers:

In the end, who do you think would be the better employee or boss, someone who worked hard and is proud of what they did, or someone that had it handed to them?

As the old saying goes, “there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.” 20-year-old Jordan Morgan already has that figured out.

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