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A Nashville chapter of Black Lives Matter ran into trouble recently when they tried to set up their regular meeting at the North Branch Library in North Nashville. They were told that, unless they changed their rules to accommodate the library's policy, they had to find a new location.

The library policy in question? According to Spokeswoman Emily Waltenbaugh:

"All meetings at our facilities must be open to the general public and news media.

We’re a library. We’re taxpayer funded. We have to be open to anyone anytime.”

The Black Lives Matter rule that violates policy? According to group organizer Joshua Crutchfield:

“Only black people as well as non-black people of color are allowed to attend the gatherings.”

The group changed their meeting location to a nearby church, announcing the change of venue with the following sign:

The group's “minority only” rule was brought to the attention of the library by an anonymous patron, at which point the library reached out to Black Lives Matter organizers to inform them of the policy.

They were given the choice to either open their meetings or change locations.

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