Bristol Palin is currently embroiled in a custody battle over her two-month-old daughter, Sailor Grace.

Its bring your baby to work day today ????

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As TMZ reports, a DNA test has confirmed that Palin’s former fiance, Dakota Meyer, is the father of Sailor. However, Palin isn’t interested in a joint custody arrangement that would span an entire continent.

Palin, who lives in Alaska, says that Sailor should live with her.

love coming home from work to my littlest!

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Though she’s willing to let their daughter visit Meyer at his home in Kentucky, she’s not ready to consider much more than that.

Not only does she want primary physical custody of Sailor, but she also wants the final say in any disagreements that may arise from sharing legal custody of their daughter.

Bristol Palin cancels wedding with fiancé Dakota Meyer. Click the link in out bio to get all the details

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Palin’s strong stand may be a reaction to Meyer’s recent attempt to protest the size of his child support payment under Alaska law.

According to TMZ, Meyer has established that his income is $100,000 a year, plus an additional $37,000 that he receives in disability, which would require him to pay $1,754 a month in child support. He proactively went to court in order to prevent Palin from seeking a higher level of support.

Bristol Palin is no stranger to custody battles— in 2013 she and Levi Johnston had an in-court battle over Johnston’s custody rights of their son, Tripp.

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