Hillary Clinton has been the target of a lot of requests lately. First people wanted to see her emails, and then they wanted her entire server. Most recently, there have been calls for her to release transcripts of speeches she gave on Wall Street.

Some are calling for them simply because she seemingly attempted to stonewall her primary opponent Senator Bernie Sanders, saying she'd “look into it” when he suggested she should disclose the contents of her speeches.

Fox News host Eric Bolling went a step further, laying down a $10,000 bet that revealing her speeches could prove that she's not as 'anti-big bank' as she has been trying to appear:

There was some immediate backlash directed at Bolling:

But many seemed to agree that Hillary was hiding something:

And at least one person turned the challenge against another candidate:

There have been no updates from the Clinton campaign as to whether or not she has “looked into it,” as of yet.

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