RADFORD, Va. — The pre-super Tuesday rally for Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump at Radford University became a scene of chaos and violence for a brief few minutes as protestors were escorted out and a reporter was roughed up by security.

A group of nearly a dozen protesters, shouting an inaudible chant targeted at Trump, were escorted out by security when TIME magazine photographer Chris Morris engaged in a heated argument with a Secret Service agent.

The altercation escalated after Morris shouted “f*ck you” to the agent while trying to get a proper angle from which to take photos of the protestors.

While Morris did not try to leave the cordoned-off press pen, his repeated engagement prompted the unidentified agent to initiate the physical altercation. The agent then shoved Morris, who swatted his hands back. At that point, the agent threw Morris to the ground.

Instagram footage, which has been made private but was first recorded by Independent Journal Review, shows the incident from another angle:

Following the exchange, Morris was escorted out of the venue and the agent remained to guard the entrance to the press pen.

Later, outside of the press pen full of reporters, Morris spoke with CNN reporter Jim Acosta about what happened:

Morris told Acosta he would not press charges, even though he was assaulted first.

While Trump's rallies regularly feature protestors and confrontations, the event in Radford was quite unique.

Editor's Note: This post was updated to include Instagram footage.

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