Obama Meets With Jordan's King Abdullah II At The White House

Today, on a quick trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to tout his healthcare plan, President Obama finally confirmed what others have been speculating for several years: he and his family will remain in Washington, D.C. after he leaves the White House.

The reason? His 14-year-old daughter.

Speaking to a small group of locals at a restaurant, Obama said:

“We’re going to have to stay a couple of years so Sasha can finish [school]. Transferring someone in the middle of high school — tough.”

Sasha will be a sophomore at Sidwell Friends School when her dad's term ends in 2017, leaving two more years before she graduates from the private $37,750-a-year school. Her sister, Malia, is currently a senior there and will presumably be in college by then.

Chelsea Clinton graduated from Friends, as insiders call the academically rigorous school, in 1997.

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It's unusual that a president with school-age kids stays in the Nation's Capital when his White House years are over. Jackie Kennedy tried to maintain a Washington existence after her husband's assassination in 1963; she moved into this brick Georgetown mansion:

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However, Kennedy soon found it too difficult to raise John Kennedy, Jr., and Caroline in the DC neighborhood; too many tourists and curious onlookers made security a concern. Jackie and her brood moved to New York City.

Though they split their time between D.C. and Chappaqua, New York, when they are in town, Bill and Hillary Clinton live in this 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom, $3 million mansion just off Embassy Row:

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So where will the Obamas end up? We think we've found them the perfect place.

In case they've gotten used to the whole “White House” thing, this $4.1 million home in quiet, private Phillips Park (where Bret Baier, David Gregory, and former Bill Clinton White House lawyer Jack Quinn all reside) is near enough to Sidwell Friends, restaurants like Fiola Mare (one of Michelle Obama's favorite spots), and the Georgetown condo of Obama BFF Valerie Jarrett.

You're welcome, Obama family!

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The next president will assume office in January of 2017.

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