Earlier this week rapper Lil Wayne preformed at Indiana University, and on his way out he decided to go the extra mile for some very well deserving men and women.

Love performing for y'all!! #GLORY #FWA

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Weezy had just arrived at the airport, was buckled into his seat and was ready for departure, when he told the pilots he needed to get off the plane.

Why did he do this, you might be asking?

The rapper noticed that a military aircraft had just arrived, and he wanted to shake the hands of the men and women aboard.

So as each service member got off the plane, they were greeted by Lil Wayne, who not only shook each of their hands, but offered up some photo ops as a thanks for their service.

Amanda Cooper Lickliter was at the airpot when the meet-and-greet went down.

Touched, she decided to post an image to Facebook, accompanying it with a little blurb:

Lickliter wrote:

“So Lil Wayne came through IND today. At the same time he was due to depart, there was a military C130 arriving. It parked next to the Gulfstream he was on, and about 30 men in uniform crossed the ramp into the lobby. After they walked in front of the G-550, Lil Wayne apparently told his pilots he wanted off. They shut down their engines, and he and his boys got off their plane, came into the lobby, and shook every one of the service men's hands. There was no press and no one to show off for...just a seemingly genuine act of respect. I know a lot of controversy surrounds him but, today, I was impressed.”

Good for you, Weezy.

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