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New developments in the story that has rocked the campaign reporting world this week. Michelle Fields, Breitbart reporter who has accused Donald Trump's campaign manager of assault, and filed a police report on the incident, has resigned her position. Her resignation was submitted aside the resignation of Breitbart Editor-At-Large Ben Shapiro, who has been a full-throated defender of Fields.

The resignations were first reported by BuzzFeed.

This bombshell comes as new revelations about the alleged assault and the handling of the incident inside the Breitbart editorial structure are being revealed. New footage shows that even though he denied touching Fields, Lewandowski did indeed grab her. Recent internal messages leaked from inside Breitbart's editorial structure show that editor Joel Pollak demanded that no other Breitbart writer should publicly defend Fields.

Shapiro tells Independent Journal that the step was painful but necessary:

“Nothing could grieve me more than having to take this step. But I cannot stand with the company founded by my mentor, Andrew Breitbart, when it abandons a reporter in order to protect a political candidate.”

Fields tells Independent Journal Review that this is much bigger than the inappropriate acts of Trump's campaign manager:

I can't stand with an organization that won't stand by me. The bruises on my arm will heal but I cannot be silent about the smears and lies perpetrated against me by the Trump campaign.

A Breitbart staffer, who spoke on background, told us “Holy shit, good for them. I'm proud of both of them.”

This is a breaking story.

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