'Super Tuesday 3' went down last night in five major states across America.

While definitive results have yet to be announced in a tight Ted Cruz and Donald Trump battle in Missouri, we have numbers for four states that went to the polls last night.

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Trump steamrolled across Florida, where he beat Marco Rubio so badly the Florida Republican exited the race. Below is video of Rubio's final action as a presidential candidate, a prayer:

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The Donald also rolled up a strong victory in Illinois, where he looks set to capture the lion's share of the state's 69 delegates.

John Kasich, meanwhile, captured his home state of Ohio in dramatic fashion, beating Trump by more than 200,000 votes and walking away with the state's 66 delegates.

Cruz had a disappointing night, failing to knock off Trump in Illinois and North Carolina, and coming in a distant third in Florida and Ohio.

With delegates yet to come in for Illinois and Missouri, Trump has added roughly 100 delegates to his lead over Cruz:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.31.01 AM

But keep your eyes on Missouri, where fewer than 2,000 votes separate Cruz and Trump in the Show Me State:

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.18.54 AM

At this point, the math is decidedly against Cruz and Kasich when it comes to being able to rack up the delegates to win before the nomination.

Both have said they plan on being in the race until the convention in July, although Trump is still well within the possibility of ending the race by June.

Hillary Steamrolls

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton rolled across the country, capturing victories in North Carolina, Ohio, Illinois and Florida. The race has not yet been called in Missouri.


The race now moves to Utah and Arizona, with Idaho voting for Democrats, on March 22.

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