Terror attacks ripped through Belgium on Tuesday morning, claiming the lives of at least 28 individuals and wounding more than 130, according to the BBC.

The attacks, of which the culprit is not yet officially known, consisted of two bombs detonated at the international airport in Brussels, with another at a metro station in another part of the city which hosts the European Union.

Brussels' major airport, known as Zaventem airport, was hit by a suicide bomber at the height of rush hour.

Zach Mouzon, a traveler from Geneva who witnessed the airport bombing, told the Associated Press “it was atrocious. The ceilings collapsed,” adding:

“There was blood everywhere, injured people, bags everywhere.”

In addition, another bomb was detonated at the Maelbeek metro station, approximately seven miles from the airport.

Local residents across Brussels are being told to shelter in place and not leave their homes.

MSNBC reports that President Obama, on a state visit to Cuba, has been notified of the attacks.

The attacks hit Brussels less than one week after the arrest of Salah Abdeslam, one of the prime suspects in the Paris attacks that resulted in the death of 130 individuals last November.

This is a breaking news post and will be updated as more information becomes available.

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