Independent Journal Review asked five teachers in different states what their students thought of the 2016 presidential candidates.

Most of the students were too young to remember the last election. They read more chapter books than news sites, and they're not old enough to vote yet, but they hear things. It's actually surprising what some of them have picked up on.

Here's what students said about the candidates:

3rd graders in Tennessee


Hillary Clinton

“Could be first female president”

“Don't vote for her”

“Not a Christian”

“Husband was president”



“Going to do same things as Obama/make bad choices”

“Doesn't work hard”

“Went to a funeral of someone her family hated”



“Uses taxes to give to poor”

“Hot head”

“Lying to America”

“Shouldn't be president because she is selfish and doesn't put people in front of herself.”

Bernie Sanders

“Hot head”


“Kind of mean”


“He's ok — not as mean as Trump, but not as kind/nice as Cruz”

“Full of himself”

“Works hard”

“Doesn't know the meaning of joy because he thinks of himself first, then Jesus, then others”



“Very loyal”


“Name caller”

“Makes bad choices”


“Sending back illegal Mexicans”


“Not loyal”

“Mean to women and black people”

“Hot head”


“He's letting terrorists/Muslims into the U.S.”

“Makes a fool of himself”

“Unfair to women”

Ted Cruz



“Makes fun of Trump”



“Tells jokes/makes things fun”

“People should vote for him”

“Makes good choices”

“Works hard”

“A lot of enthusiasm”

2nd graders in Washington


Donald Trump

“He's evil”

“He wants to get rid of Mexicans”

“He always brags”

“He looks weird”

“He's old”

“I hate him”

“He's crazy”

“I want to punch him in the face”

Marco Rubio

“He's a nice guy”

“He looks handsome”

“He has a good heart”

Ted Cruz

“He looks bad”

“He stinks”

“He looks like a chicken”

“He's a loud Canadian”

“A dumbo”

John Kasich

“He's an old man”

“He robs”

Hillary Clinton

“She's pretty”

“She likes Mexicans”

“She's really nice”

“She doesn't permit violence”

“She will be the president”

Bernie Sanders

“Bernie Sandwich?”

“He wants to make new rules”

“He's a good man”

“He's nice”

“I want him to be president”

4th graders in Massachusetts

Ted Cruz

“He's trying to be president”

Hillary Clinton

“This year she's voting for president”

“She's the lady”

“She has a happy smile”

“She's kind”

“She has blue eyes”

“She has blonde hair”

“She has red lipstick”

“She has pretty earrings”

“She's voting at Washington D.C.”

“She hopes to be the president”

John Kasich

“One thing that I know about him is he's a president”

Bernie Sanders

“I think he's in his fifties”

“This year he's voting for president”

Donald Trump

“He's rude and mean”

“He's trying to be president but he will never be”

“He's getting more votes than anyone”

“He's saying mean things to other presidents”

“Donald Trump wants to kick out everyone that doesn't live here”

“He has a face that looks hideous”

“His mouth is very little”

“He has a fat face”

3rd graders in Utah


Donald Trump

“Microphone is stupid”

“Bad words”

“Made fun of reporter w/ disabilities”

“Grandpa says hair flip for bald spot”

“Banning all Muslims”

“Send people with no papers away”

“Mexicans bring drugs”

“Wants to date his daughter”

Ted Cruz

Hillary Clinton

“Shouldn't have guns at home”

“Fight for our world”

“Sometimes lies”

“Gives papers to all”

“Really wants people to vote for her”

“Do good things/give us things”

Marco Rubio

“Usually doesn't lie”

Bernie Sanders

7th graders in Michigan

7th Grade- Michigan


“Needs a filter”

“Make America great again”

“Attention seeker”

“He's going to build a wall”

“He says it all”

“The hair?”



“'Are you Mexican?'”

“Knows how to run a business”

“Thinks money is everything buys everything”

“Get out of here”

“Excellent orator”

“Puts his foot down”


“He looks like a weasel”


“1/2 Hispanic”

“U.S. citizen”

“Agrees with Trump”

“Doesn't want to tax”


“Younger - modern life issues”



“He's cute”

“Has potential”

“1st yr senator, never votes, hardly”

“No national security”

“Hispanic 100%”


“Younger - modern life issues”



“He's old”

“Only one who seems to have a clue”



“Mr. Nice Guy”



7th Grade 2- Michigan




“Free college”

“Never give you a straight answer - has script”

“Secretary of State”

“Money solves everything”

“Questionable character”

“Supporter of healthcare”


“He's so old”

“Feel the Bern”

“Free college”

“Very inclusive - Black Lives Matter”

“Young college students”

“Legalize pot?”

“Only one who ran his political ads in other languages, including Arabic”

“Supports healthcare”

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