Republicans Name the Thing That 'Bothers' Them Most About Donald Trump

| MAR 24, 2016 | 6:24 PM

Brian Blanco / Stringer/Getty Images

There are a lot of contentious things about Donald Trumps presidential campaign, so far. From his proposition that he will build a border wall and get Mexico to pay for it to his very public spat with Fox News host, Megyn Kelly. But, which of Trump's controversies bothers Republican voters most?

According to a Bloomberg Politics national poll, dated March 19-22, potential GOP voters are most bothered by the Trump University debacle:

Image Credit: Screenshot / Bloomberg Politics
Screenshot / Bloomberg Politics

Trump University, which launched in 2005, later changed its name to The Trump Entrepreneur Initiative after the New York State Department of Education informed them that they were breaking the law using the word “university.” That was just the beginning of the program's legal problems.

Currently, there are still several lawsuits pending against Trump University, and Republican debate watchers were treated to a lively discussion of the class action suit that is pending during a GOP debate in February.

Of all of the news-worthy happenings during the Trump candidacy, the possibility that the billionaire businessman has scammed Americans looking to be successful is currently the most notable for many GOP voters, but not by much.